Jim Hyde, Mentor of the Year


Jim Hyde, named Mentor or the Year by Mobius and Comcast, wrote a wonderful commentary on mentoring published at VT Digger.

The rewards of mentoring are many. In exchange for spending about an hour a week over nine months, you will have a chance to revisit some of the highs and lows of growing up. You will learn all sorts of new stuff that kids are doing, thinking, and talking about today that you knew nothing about. (This is especially true if you are about my age and at least 60 years removed from elementary school). But most importantly, you will have a chance to follow a child, your mentee, along a longitudinal path of growth and maturity. Sometimes you may question where that path is leading; sometimes you will see that path following an arc influenced by your presence. That is when you will know that the magic happened.

I hope that you will contact your local mentoring program today and consider becoming a mentor yourself.

Read the full commentary:

Jim Hyde: Mentoring is where magic happens